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About us

    Founded in 2016, Hunan Wisdom Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd is a board member of Hunan Association for Medical Devices Industry. Located in Haiping Medical Devices Industrial Park, Gaoxin District, Changsha, Hunan, our company enjoys high level of traffic convenience and logistics efficiency.

    With over 1.5 million U.S. dollars (10,800,000 Chinese Yuan) as Registered Capital, our scope of business range from all sorts of medicine & medical devices wholesale to pharmacy & facepiece respirator(KN95 Face Mask) manufacture. Prosperous domestic and international business expansion witness our first-class products as well as excellent service.

    Joining with Hunan Yida Medical Science and Technology Logistics Center, our KN95 Face Mask manufacturing site owns 6000 square meters with over 1 million pieces of mask as daily potential production capacity.

    Sophisticated equipment and Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) Manufacturing Workshop (100,000 degree purification workshop) bring us FDA registration and Chinese NMPA approval.

    Graduated from University of Notre Dame, Mr. Huaqiang Ning, the founder, always embraces the beauty of humanitarian in business. Earlier in Chinese COVID-19 outbreak, he made a generous donation of goods and funds to help local hospitals and medical personnel.  

    We are looking forward to conducting business with domestic and international customer to accomplish our outlook together——Wisdom Empower World.

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